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SEI has pioneered innovative card
applications using Thermal and
Thermo Rewriteable technology
to provide solutions that save lives, time and money. We can meet all of your card application needs.


PET technology can revolutionize how we live today.  No more lines at the supermarket.  Simply walk through the scanner at the express line door and all your groceries will be totaled and deducted from your PET smart card in your wallet or purse.  Tired of being uncomfortable when you sit, also known as "thick wallet" syndrome?  Reduce its size by one-third with PET's super thin design.  Drivers' licenses and credit cards will never crack or break again because PET is more flexible and durable than thick PVC cards used today.  Make your business card stand out among the rest.  Add full color photos, holograms, foil, and more!


Everyone is, or should be, concerned about security.  Make your company or school ID a secure pass.  Magnetic stripes, barcodes, IC chips, and proximity cards are all available at SEI.  Use it for multiple applications at the same time.  Make it an ID card, bus pass, time card, company discount card, security access to employee only areas, and debit card all-in-one.  This is only the beginning.  Gift certificates, customer appreciation programs, loyalty systems that print transactions on the card each time you use it, and other multi-application programs are available.  SEI is the answer to all of your card needs.

System Solution

Optimizing your business does not have to be a challenging conquest; nor should it be expensive.  At SEI, our goal is to provide your business with a cost-effective, tailored tool that specifically meets your demands.  SEI’s innovative products and exceptional service will assist your business in being equipped for success.

Recent Expansion

SEI continues to expand its market of new and different technologies.  Our new electronic music stand allows the musician to load their favorite music piece into the stand.  By just pressing a foot pedal connected to the stand, the music is updated.  The musician can play flowingly without ever having to stop and turn the page.  Also our new crystal art photographs add a delicate touch to our inventory.  These etched photographs are beautifully detailed to give your photos a crystal clear image.  Check out this new merchandise at New products.

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