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IC Technology:
The Next Step Forward

IC (Integrated Circuit) technology is nothing new.  Embedding Contact IC chips in cards has been in practice in parts of Europe and Asia for many years.  Designed as a security feature, IC technology works like this: an electrical current runs through the circuit and is verified by the IC card. If valid, the IC sends a signal back to the reader.  Although this is a relatively simple procedure, its applications are numerous.  Please note, card readers may be mounted or unattached. (see Figure below)

The next generation of IC cards are now available: Proximity cards. Proximity cards work on the same principles as their predecessor;  an electric current powers the IC chip and the card sends back a signal to the reader.  The difference being that the proximity transmission is done from a distance.  You no longer need to be in contact with the reader.  To open a locked door simply wave your card at the door and it will unlock for you.  No more fumbling for a card buried in your wallet, or jingling around a key chain, just walk up to the door and it will open for you.  The distance at which the card and reader can communicate can be adjusted from a few millimeters to a few meters. The smaller the distance the tighter the security.

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