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Application Hardware

Thermal Reader/Writers

KU-R3000 Reader/Writer KU-R1100 Reader/Writer

These Reader/Writers handle both magnetic encoding and thermal reading and printing. The KU-R3000 on the left and KU-R11000 on the right are manufactured by Panasonic. The KU-R11000 can operate independently of a host (computer or POS), thus referred to as the "stand alone" model. Reader/Writer Website

Online Model

Stand-Alone Model

  • Operated by Host
  • Register Interface
  • RS-232C Serial Ports
  • Monochrome thermal printing
  • Compact design
  • Acts Independently
  • Keyboard
  • Display
  • Online Capability
  • Large Memory
  • CPU Data Transfer
    • Upload
    • Download
  • Monochrome thermal printing
  • Compact design

One application commonly used with these types of reader/writers is the Point System Scenario. Customers and patrons of your store receive points based on how often they shop, or how much they spend at your store. SEI will provide the necessary software support to integrate online or stand-alone reader/writers into your existing system.

Card Swipes

Magnetic card swipes are very common. You can find them in just about every cash register and every ATM in the US. SEI provides any form of magnetic reader/writer, from wand to card swipe.

If you already have an existing card swipe you may not need to purchase new card swipes for the PET card system. Cards as thin as 8 mil thick cards work on most card swipes. In the event that you need replacements, we can supply you with the most economical card swipes on the market.

IC Readers

IC Reader

One of the newest technologies being applied to cards is IC technology. Each IC card has a small Integrated Chip (IC) inside. This chip sends and receives data and makes basic computations. There are two IC card types. The first is the contact IC card. A contact IC card needs to be in contact with a receiver to transfer information. The second type is the contactless IC card. A contactless IC card can be read from 1-2mm up to 10 feet away, allowing you to simply walk past a receiver and have the necessary information transmitted. On the left is an IC reader/writer and test card from Densei. This reader/writer has a range of 1-2mm. The most common application scenario for the use of IC cards is Security Application.


For basic ID printing, SEI recommends the printer shown on the right. It features a dye diffusion thermal printing technique. Standard features include dual-side printing and Barcode printing. Add options such as magnetic encoding, hologram coating, and IC encoding are also provided.

The Nisca PR5200 printer has 300 dpi resolution and 16.7 million full colors. The card hopper holds approximately 200 PET cards. While boasting the world's fastest processing speed in its class, the Nisca PR5200 can print a card edge to edge in 25 seconds!! The Nisca PR5200 can print up to 200cards/hr with standard image.

Nisca PR5200

Standard-image cards are most often pre-printed. They are cards with static designs that are printed and sent in their completed form. ID cards cannot be pre-printed by the hundreds or thousands because each is unique. Each has a different picture, a different name, and/or a different serial number to distinguish to whom it belongs. Let SEI print your ID cards for you or let us recommend a dye-sublimation printer, such as the Nisca PR5200 model, to fit your needs.

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