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Application Scenarios

    Card Applications

  • Customer Loyalty Card
  • Points Card
  • Gift Card
  • Membership Card
  • Business Card
  • ID Card
  • Prepaid Card
  • Schedule/Time Card
  • Cafeteria Card
  • Ticketing
  • Security Access Card
  • Debit Card
  • Telephone Card

    Smart Card Features

  • Shows past usage
  • Redemption: with expiration
  • Reload function: reload the
    card’s value
  • Trailer Messaging
  • Based on points, dollars, events
  • Real-time feedback printing;
    always know balance
  • Program function:
    • sales (earn)
    • redemption
  • Balance transfer to new card
  • Store ID for Security and
    Tracking purposes

Membership/Business/ID Card
The main feature of this application scenario is its high security. Because information is magnetically recorded inside the card, the card is nearly impossible to duplicate. Add a high-resolution photograph and individualize card codes for extra security. The high coercivity tracks other desired applications on the card as well.

Membership Card

Pre-paid Lunch Card System
A pre-paid lunch card is great for a cafeteria scenario. Many places already have pre-pay luncheons. But the PET Smart card has an advantage over the present not only because it can integrate several applications, but also it can advertise upcoming specials, meals, and events to the customer. Also the consumer always knows the amount spent and the balance remaining. When value is depleted, simply reload it and use it again.

Pre-paid Lunch Card

Ticketing Card

Ticketing Program
SEI's technology is capable of handling any kind of ticketing; including amusement parks, airlines, sports events, and more. At amusement parks, it tracks the number of rides used and the amount that remain. For airlines, let PET cards be used for flight information, luggage tags, and boarding passes.

Security Access Card Scenario
Many college campus dorms are protected by ID card swipes and magnetic locks. The student takes out his or her card from their purse or wallet and runs the card through the scanner. The door unlocks and the student enters. But in that small window of time that it takes to pull out the card and scan it; you are vulnerable to an attack. Many colleges are working towards using "swipeless" cards to open dormitory and university owned housing locks. With the contactless IC you don't need to take out your card. Just walk near the door and it will unlock. A time delay can be placed to limit the time the door remains unlocked to prevent unwanted individuals from entering. This system can be implemented in both low and high security areas by adjusting the range of the IC and the time delay on the lock. This is just one of hundreds of applications for the IC system.

Debit Card Scenario
The "electronic purse" becomes a reality. Purchases are automatically deducted from your debit card when you walk through the door. With IC technology the need for a centralized database becomes obsolete. All information can be stored on the IC card itself. No longer will card readers need to be on a local area network. Instead you can add readers to wherever you need them at any time. The IC card can also be used to verify information that already exists on a database. Fraud, theft, and anomalies can be detected immediately upon scanning.

    System Benefits

  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Ensures accurate cashiering and bookkeeping
  • Modification friendly
  • Quality service and product
  • Multiple application integration
  • Real-time feedback printing
  • Customer always knows balance for each transaction
  • Trailer messaging advertises retail, brand, sales, specials, etc.

    Retailer Benefits

  • Increases customer loyalty base
  • Increases total revenues (keeps $ in the store)
  • Can be expanded/combined with other programs
  • Transactions are trackable
  • High security
  • Promote business
  • Attract customers
  • Increase sales
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Distinguish brand innovation

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